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176. Small Party Tray (42 pcs)

18 pcs Sushi: Salmon, Snapper, Butterfish, Shrimp, Crab, Cooked Egg 24...
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179. Maki Party Tray (82 pcs)

Feast on a mouthwatering combination of a deluxe dragon roll, a spider...
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177. Medium Party Tray (68 pcs)

A mouthwatering combination of 18 pieces of salmon, butterfish, snapper,...
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180. Vegetarian Maki Party Tray (48 pcs) Vegetarian

A combination of avocado roll, cucumber roll, mushroom roll, vegetable...
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178. Large Party Tray (100 pcs)

Sushi Kan's biggest party tray to satisfy even the biggest of appetites....